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Qualified for good sleep
Certified Accommodations

What is the certification of accommodation for pleasant sleeping?

There are many people having difficulties sleeping such as sleep shallowly, bad quality of sleep, when the pillow changes. "Sleep" is the first step of health, and the exhilaration of the day after high quality of sleeping is cannot replace of anything like that. In Japanese hospitality, "OMOTENASHI" is important to consider not only the customer service and the comfort of the guest room during the day, but also sleeping environment while stay.
The Instructors with sleep improvement skills conducts a rigorous examination covering 45 items in 10 categories under the supervision of Dr. Shuichiro Shirakawa, an authority on sleep science, and identifies accommodations with rooms suitable for sleep environments.
Please have experience the guest room of the accommodation that realizes a good environment for sleep with us.
We will continue to deal with strict eyes and introduce accommodations have been certificated.
* This certification does not guarantee individual sleep.
* Not all certified rooms have been certified as suitable for sleeping.

45 sections in 10 categories of inspections

1. Eight sections about light and lighting
2. Two sections about sound and noise
3. Three sections about temperature and humidity
4. Five sections about air and airflow5.
5. Seven sections about bedding, futon (Japanese mattress) and mattress
6. Three sections about bedding and pillows
7. Three items about nightwear
8. Six sections about regarding indoor environment and safety
9. Three sections about pleasure of sleep
10. Six sections about value-added services for sleep

Certified Accommodations

(Fukuoka City, Fukuoka)

GREAT MORNING HAKATA is a hotel in the center of Fukuoka. The most important thing is to have the best morning. Designed for the best mornings, from towel fabrics to beds to air. You will say "I don't want to go home" after 2 nights, "I can't leave here" after 3 nights. Please enjoy a luxurious morning at a hotel where such an impression leak.

Recommended point!

GREAT MORNING HAKATA has 4 types of rooms. Everything from the design of the space to the amenities, every room is packed with details to greet the best morning. For example, when staying at a hotel, many people may be concerned about noise and air drying. Our unique next-generation cooling / heating system "HIKARI FIRST" solves these problems. Overwhelmingly superior indoor quiet environment with moderate humidity are worth experiencing.

<Facility information>
〒812-0025 6-3 Oyamachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
TEL: +81 92-272-1414

Kyo no Yado "Gekkouen" (Kyoto)

We renovated a traditional Kyoto townhouse that is over 100 years old with the desired to visit as one of the highlights of Kyoto. Authentic Kyoto art created by craftsmen and long-established place which have inherited the tradition of Kyoto creates Kyoto that is unique only here. Enjoy a valuable stay.

Recommended point!

The bathtub was prepared with Shigaraki ware produced at a potter in Shiga Prefecture. It is a bath is easy to warm up to the core of the body by the far-infrared effect and is difficult to cool down.
A work displayed on the bedside in the bedroom made by Artist Toto Akihiro who is artist from KARACHO which has history 400 years for pray for good luck of the customer who stays at "Gekkoen" invites you good sleep as deep blue color.
For your comfort, we have two Sealy double beds. (West Building)

<Facility information> Kyoto Inn
West Building (Luxury Suite)
〒604-8423 18-17 Nishinokyo Nishigetsucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan TEL: +81 75-204-1538
East Building (Garden Suite)
〒604-8423 18-20 Nishinokyo Nishigetsucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Japan TEL: +81 75-204-1538